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Real Estate Agents Need Drones

Real Estate agents need drones, plain and simple. The real estate market has evolved and so have the expectations of home buyers and contractors.  It’s a guarantee that aerial drone photography will be a standard option in real estate photography and virtual tours in the next few years.

5 Reasons Why Real Estate Agents Need Drones

Drone Photography Is Affordable

Not only can homeowners now showcase their home, but they can take buyers on a tour of the neighborhood, show pools, playgrounds, and other amenities. Its story telling that was once too expensive to create, but now this photography offers a Realtor everything a helicopter did, but with 10 times the maneuverability and a quarter of the cost.

Oklahoma-Drone-Photography-Real EstateHigh Definition Custom Photography

Real Estate agents can walk the drone pilot around the property to make sure everything is captured. Our aircraft includes a live video link displayed on a screen so the agent can watch and see everything the pilot does. The Realtor can easily direct the pilot around the home and neighborhood to capture still photos and video of exactly what they want to portray to a prospective buyer. Drone aerial photography offers a value that is an unforgettable viewing experience for both client and Realtor.

Sellers and Buyers Will Demand It

With the new norm of aerial photography being established this year, you want to be a front-runner in the Oklahoma market, and really make your listings stand out to be the most viewed. Don’t be the last Realtor to offer your clients drone photography. The value drone photography adds to a listing is obvious. Ask yourself this, ‘would you ever put a home up without pictures?’ Your answer is, ‘no.’ Drone photography will soon follow suit.


When a client finds a home or commercial property they are interested in, the first thing they do is Google more information about it. Google offers street and satellite views while drone photography offers aerial views in high-definition. What does this mean for everyone? Well, it allows insights not only on the home and neighborhood, but the entire area. It can offer insights on flood areas, land slopes, prospective development land, and help with overall appraisals.


Let’s face it, every Real Estate agent needs to market themselves. How do you create a buzz about you to get new business and new clients? You need to make yourself stand out, and drone aerial photography is your answer. You can use this video to create a promo video for yourself, create new stats on how quickly you sell homes that feature aerial photography, give yourself original traditional and digital content for newsletters, and create one heck of a referral program for yourself. Think about the reviews your clients will write about you with all the ‘standard’ amenities you provide them. Your new standard is including drone photography and videos for each listing. It sells itself, and it builds your reputation in the market.

Wrap Up

Drone photography is a new norm that is affordable, customizable, insightful, and marketable. Real Estate Agents need drones to create an excitement for their listings.