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Homeowners Benefit From Aerial Photos

There are several ways homeowners can benefit from aerial photography. Imagine having an eye in the sky to see potential problems, like aging rooftops and torn shingles that can cause flooding. A bird’s eye view can help establish property lines and provide the ability to watch home additions or home construction develop step-by-step.

Whether you are a homeowner, a landlord or a renter, you want your home to look good, feel good, and be inviting for family and friends. The National Association of Landscape Professionals conducted a survey that states that 83% of Americans think it is important to have a yard and 75% feel it is important to spend time outside in their yard. Of course, this is not at all without some investment. Money will be spent to maintain your outdoor living space and everyone knows keeping things fresh takes some cash.

Homeowners Design

Aerial photography isn’t just for contractors, architects and real estate agents, it’s a wonderful tool for homeowners to use to capture their landscape design projects, outdoor living spaces and new pool concepts come to life. There is no better way to compare before and after photos than from a bird’s-eye-view. Managing a landscape design project requires patience and consistency. Having a drone capture the project from start to finish holds every contractor on the property accountable.

Home Maintenance

No one likes having to spend money on home maintenance. It’s a homeowners worst nightmare thinking about the costs of having to install a new fence or repair their roof, but…stuff happens. A storm can come through and rip the roof away, destroy siding, fences, and can even cause flooding. Aerial photography can capture the property in it’s entirety. In less than an hour, a homeowner can see the state of their roof, they can see the origin of where the flood water came in, and for bigger properties, can track where a busted fence is. If you have to file an insurance claim, this video can be crucial to making sure you get every dollar you are entitled to!

Homeowners benefit from aerial photography-aerial photography oklahoma-Oklahoma Aerial PhotographyLand Ownership

If you just moved onto a property with a ton of land, or if you have lived on a property for so long you have forgotten where exactly your property line is, aerial drone photography is where you need to go. The Oklahoma County Assessor provides land maps and flood zone information for each square mile and section of land. Aerial photography can capture a clear image of each property’s land, boarders, and buildings.

It goes without saying that homeowners can benefit from aerial photography. Each home, home project, and homeowner has a need for drone photography. The small size of a drone and maneuverability of it requires little to no space, it doesn’t interfere with the neighbors, and provides countless opportunities and benefits to a property. Whether it’s a landscape design project, figuring out your property lines, or getting footage of your property for future insurance claims, drone aerial photography is quick and cost-effective for everyone.