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How Drone Delivery Can Save Lives

drone delivery saves livesWhen people think of drones they think one of three things: 1. military spy drone 2. ‘annoying’ hobbyists or 3. the future of delivery. Typically there is a negative connotation to any of these viewpoints, but whenever new technology hits the public, it’s always scary at first until it becomes the new norm. There will be those scary outliers, but for the most part drones are nothing to be afraid of.

Huge retailers are adopting this new drone technology and are trying to figure out ways to capitalize on the features drones offer businesses of being the best, the first, and the go-to source for fast, quality service. With this the public tends to think that drone delivery will mean having drones constantly overhead at all times threatening privacy. Another threat people tie to drone delivery is that it will threaten traditional delivery and trucking services and cut down precious jobs in our recovering economy.

Despite the abundance of negative drone connotations and impending doom of privacy, the futuristic world of flying drones and cars are still many, many years away. To play devil’s advocate, we need to ask ourselves what good can come from delivery drones. The Journal of the American Medical Association  (JAMA) suggests that drones can save lives by getting cardiac defibrillator equipment to patients more quickly. JAMA suggests that drone delivery can be a valuable tool for increasing positive outcomes for medical cases. Quicker access to medicine and medical devices will statistically save lives.

Disaster response programs will benefit from drone delivery services as well. If roads are shut down due to flooding, mudslides, or debris, drones can be the first responder victims need.  New technology shouldn’t be scary or have a negative connotation to it, it should be exciting and embraced at the positive impact it can have for all of us.