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How Much Does The Drone Cost?

How much does the drone cost?

“How much does that thing cost?” is one question we get quite a bit when folks are watching our drone fly on shoots. People are always very interested in how it works and what the video looks like, but also how much the aircraft itself is worth.

The answer surprises many people, as it’s less expensive than many may think, but it’s the “other” costs of being FAA legal that start to add up.

Other factors we had to consider when starting Oklahoma Drone Photography (ODP) were extra batteries, insurance and accessories to keep us in the sky. We have enough batteries to keep flying constantly while the others charge on the ground as each battery lasts for about 20 minutes. What if we’re in a remote spot? No worries, a small lightweight inverted generator keeps us going. And why do so many people and companies go with us vs. the ever popular ‘niece or nephew’ ? We have the experience, flight hours, certification, and $2 million dollars of insurance to make sure their project looks as smooth as our flight overhead.

So the answer to “how much does it cost” is actually not a simple dollar amount, the drone itself is a part of our ODP’s total package: experience, safety and professionalism.

If you’d like to compare and contrast the different types of drones available, click on this link.  For a custom quote, please contact us.