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Outlook Magazine Feature

Outlook Magazine Feature

Oklahoma Drone Photography has been featured in Outlook Magazine, a direct-mail feature that has a heart and focuses on local stories. Distributed in Edmond and North OKC, Outlook is the largest regional magazine, covering 50,000 homes. “Since 2005, we’ve published hundreds of stories about local people, places and events – stories of heroism, compassion, generosity and just plain quirkiness”, says the paper.

Aerial Drone Photographers, Oklahoma Aerial Photographers, OKC Aerial Photography, Outlook Magazine, OKC Outlook Magazine, OKC MagazineODP recently met up with reporter Austin Marshall to discuss the history of drones and how the profession has blossomed into the commercial and residential landscape the past few years. The growing popularity of drones has created a great divide between the recreational hobbyist and professionals operating drones as businesses. Marshall made sure to ask about FAA regulations, UAV pilot licenses, and insurance practices that legitimate drone professionals use while operating their business.

ODP explains throughout the article that a company is going to get what they pay for when hiring a drone operator to capture their commercial businesses. There is so much more that goes into flying a drone and capturing a stellar photograph than what the general public sees.

To read about the highs and lows of operating a drone photography business in Oklahoma, please click here to view the full article.

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