About Us

Who is Oklahoma Drone Photography?

About our Fleet

Safety is our priority. Oklahoma Drone Photography’s fleet is fully insured and our aircraft feature numerous safety functions such as dual band GPS flight assist (GPS/GLONASS), anti-collision guards and lightning, and a real-time video link to our ground pilot for seamless and safe video recording. In addition to anti-collision guards, the aircraft has an advanced, automated forward and below collision avoidance protocol built in. All parameters of each flight are continually logged and sent to ground control in real time and stored on our servers after each flight.

| DJI Mavic Pro

Oklahoma Drone Photography’s flagship aircraft is the DJI Mavic Pro  which provides stunning images in 4K Ultra-High definition at up to 60 frames per second giving you an unmatched view from above. The Mavic combines dual forward and downward vision sensors to realize precision hovering. The advanced 3 axis gimbal system allows the aircraft to take high quality still photos and videos no mater the amount of movement or turbulence.

| DJI Spark

Oklahoma Drone Photography’s fleet also includes the DJI Spark aircraft. You’ll notice most of the information is redundant to the features of the Mavic Pro. Since both are manufactured by DJI, they share many of the same features and functionality. This aircraft is advertised as a selfie drone but also provides stunning images in Ultra-High definition, and video at up to 30 frames per second giving you an excellent view from above. The Spark is smaller, more lightweight and has such features as ShallowFocus (where it creates photos with a shallow depth of field with its 3D vision technology) as well as Vertical and Horizontal Panoramic modes.

About the Owners

Oklahoma Drone Photography is family owned and operated by husband and wife team Al and Peggy Bartraw. Their vision for the company is to give anyone a dynamic view of their properties whether it be residential, new business development, construction progression, real estate, landmarks, cityscapes, and special events which, until recent years, could only be done via helicopter. They understand that drones are more cost effective, less intrusive, more convenient, and quicker to set up.

Al is the Senior Pilot in Charge. He is a Certified Information System Security Professional (one of less than 100K across the globe) and certified Remote Pilot of Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS), AKA Drones. In support of this effort, Al has attended the DJI Aerial Photo Academy in order to tune the specialized skills necessary to provide stunning results to his customers. Al’s experience traverses across Military, Law Enforcement, Private Investigations, Retail, Hospitality, Photography, and Information Security fields. He has worked with the FAA since 2005.

Peggy manages a Virtual Call Center and has about 20 years experience as a photographer and supervisor with Olan Mills and in her own Photography endeavors. She was very active in the Chicago implementation of the partnership between Olan Mills and Kmart. Peggy trained in Olan Mills studios coast to coast and has been recognized for her work by the American Photographers Association.  Her vast experience in photography and management ensures that all work produced by Oklahoma Drone Photography is professionally done and meets the customer’s needs.

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